Matisse Capital

We believe in the power of financial education to help transform lives. Learning personal finance concepts allows individuals to develop knowledge that affords them greater available life opportunities such as higher education, home ownership, and secure retirement. Financial Beginnings is committed to developing effective and accessible financial education programming for both youth and adults.

All of our learning materials are provided at no cost to program participants and partners thanks to the generous support of sponsors like Matisse Capital. Managing the Matisse Funds mutual fund family while providing investment advisory, and consulting services thoughout the United States, Matisse understands and values the impact financial education can play in people's lives. The firm's long history of community involvement and corporate philanthropy is now further demonstrated by its recent national sponsorship of the redesigned Financial Foundations Investing 1 (Laying the Foundation) module.

Launching soon in 2021, the redesigned Foundations program was developed to connect with high school-age learners more effectively and better facilitate instructional engagement. Matisse Capital's support will be instrumental in our effort to introduce young people to foundational investing concepts and expand their knowledge of current and future investing opportunities.

A Sincere Thank You to Matisse Capital!